Valentine’s Day Jewellery For Her

Valentine's Jewellery for Her

Valentine’s Day Jewellery

Searching for the best Valentine’s Day jewellery for her? We have lots of wonderful gift ideas for her to help you through the huge range of women’s jewellery which is available and can feel a bit overwhelming! With our years of experience in helping clients choose perfect Valentine’s Day jewellery gifts for their partners, we have selected a range of ideas for you here. If you’d like to have a personal shopping experience and chat to us about the ideas you have had and the style of the person you’re buying for, then just get in touch. We’d love to help – it’s what we do for so many of our customers.

Flutterby Jewellery gift wrappedOur collection of stylish contemporary pieces will make choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift jewellery so easy. You’ll find jewellery here to suit a wide range of styles and budgets and your chosen jewellery for Valentine’s Day will arrive beautifully presented in a gift box with the option for you to choose complimentary gift wrapping.

Why Does Jewellery Make a Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

We’d say there are a few reasons why Valentine’s Day jewellery is a winning idea.

💕 It’s about thought… buying your loved one a piece of jewellery shows you’ve really thought about what to buy. It’s not a voucher! It’s a considered purchase. You’ve had to think about her style, what she likes and doesn’t, what she wears, and what she doesn’t. A thoughtful present shows love and care and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about isn’t it? Love!

💕 It’s for her! Giving jewellery for Valentine’s Day isn’t giving her something for the home! Jewellery is only for her! You’re much more likely to get a better reception buying valentine’s jewellery for her than buying something practical for the house!

💕 She might not treat herself to this but you can! Jewellery is a bit of luxury: a treat she doesn’t ‘need’ but a gift she’ll love and wear.

Valentine’s Day Necklaces

A personal initial necklace makes a beautifully thoughtful valentines gift. But if she isn’t into wearing her initial then you should check out these other necklaces which make best Valentine’s jewellery gift ideas.

Valentine’s Earrings

Many ladies don’t feel fully ‘dressed’ without a pair of earrings, so earrings make fabulous jewellery for Valentine’s Day. You might choose a pair of stud earrings – perfect for everyday wear for anyone who likes to wear earrings to work but can’t wear long or very ornate earrings. But if you’d like to make a real statement then choose a pair of more decorative earrings which she’ll enjoy wearing in the evening and for going out. Here are just a few of our bestsellers.

Valentine’s Bracelets

Does she like to wear lots of bracelets worn together or does she enjoy the simplicity of one statement bracelet? Here are just a few of the different styles we have to choose from. A variety of different looks to suit a variety of budgets. Bracelets can be worn on their own or stacked. No one can have too many!

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There are various stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. A favourite is how back in the third century St Valentine refused to obey the decree that marriage was illegal because it hampered the efficiency of the army; soldiers were better if they were not married. St Valentine clearly didn’t think much of this idea and continued to carry out marriages until he was put in jail. He was then sentence to death, having fallen in love with his captor’s daughter. The story goes that he was going to be executed on 14th February and therefore from then on we have celebrated love on that day by sharing cards and gifts with our loved ones.

But there are other explanations of the history of Valentine’s Day – which suggests the story is far less romantic! Read about its possible pagan roots.

Making Choosing Valentine’s Day Jewellery For Her Easy!

We are here to help so if you’d like to chat through your ideas or maybe ask us to create a bespoke piece of jewellery for your loved one, please just get in touch. We love working with clients on individual, personalised projects so just call or email us and we’d love to help. No obligation to buy, of course!