What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline?

“What necklace to wear with what neckline?” is something we often get asked by clients. Choosing what type of necklace to wear with different necklines can be tricky. But all you need is a few guidelines and you’ll be away! Here we will give you some pointers as to what necklaces look best with different dress necklines.

What necklace should I wear with a round neckline?

What necklace should I wear with a round necked top?
What necklace should I wear with a round necked top?

Round necklines can sit right up to the base of the neck so there is no part of the top of the chest or collarbone visible. You might have a turtle necked top or a high necked T shirt. You might also be looking for help choosing a necklace which works with a lower round neck or a scooped round necked top where you can see more of the décolletage.

Choosing a necklace to wear with a high round neck

If you are choosing a necklace to wear with a neckline which sits really high then it is unlikely that the necklace is going to get looped inside the top so you don’t need to worry about that. Chokers work well for high round necked tops. They can cover the join between top and neck and also make a real statement. Choose one with an adjustable length so you can get it to sit in exactly the right for the round necked top. You’ll also enjoy using it when you’re wearing it with other outfits in your wardrobe.

If you’re after a more casual look or don’t like statement necklaces close to your neck there are some other options for you:

Choose a necklace which sits well below the line of the top. Our advice is if you choose a necklace that sits at least 3 or 4cms below then it will have sufficient space to look right. There is also an opportunity here to layer necklaces. Layering works really well particularly on plain coloured tops where it’s a great idea and adds interest. A plain coloured round neck top can be a perfect place for you to show off your favourite necklaces! It’s a blank canvas where the jewellery can really ‘ping’ out and look stunning!

How do I layer necklaces with a round neck?

Create a layer using two or three pieces which work well together. Think about the contrast or similarity in colours, stones and metals and give each piece sufficient room to ‘breathe’ so they don’t get in a mess. You can enjoy creating a longer layer with the bottom piece on either a 70cm or 80cm chain if you’re tall but it doesn’t have to be this long for the look to work well. If you prefer to draw attention away from your chest, then keep the layer short. Choosing an adjustable chain is a great way to give you real flexibility in where the necklaces sit. You can alter their length depending on your outfit and the other necklaces you’re wearing.

Choosing a necklace to wear with round neck

Pippa Necklace
Pippa Necklace

If your round necked top sits at the base of the neck but is not particularly high, then the most important thing is to choose a piece which either sits well above or well below the edge of the top.

Don’t choose a combination where the jewellery is going to get tucked up inside the knit or T shirt!

Go for a length of necklace which either sits above the neckline by about 4cms or sits well below.

This way you can show off the necklace and it can also echo the shape of the neckline. Nothing will ‘disappear’ and the overall effect will be stylish and you’ll have a look which has been thoughtfully created.

If you’re wearing just one necklace and you want it to sit above the top then choose a round necklace. This will work with the shape of the top.

How do I choose the right necklace for a scooped neckline?

Beautiful silver necklace

A scooped round neckline gives you lots of space to work with. You don’t have to echo the shape of the neckline here and you don’t need to worry about necklaces becoming caught in fabric. A layered combination of two pieces works well. Two, rather than three, can be best so that all the jewellery stays within the décolletage rather than one longer necklace sitting on top of the fabric. Combining a ’round-shaped’ necklace with a pendant which sits in a ‘V’ can look great. Look out for necklaces which have a variety of different fastening points. This lets you alter their length depending on if you want to layer with other necklaces. Different fastening points give you great flexibility to wear the necklace with different necklines in your wardrobe.

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What necklace should I wear with a sweetheart or a square neckline?

Gold Starfish Pendant Necklace
Gold Starfish Pendant Necklace

When choosing a necklace for a sweetheart neckline, or a square neckline, we like to use a pendant style necklace. This creates a great angle which contrasts well, and works with, the lines of the neckline of the top. We’d suggest that the jewellery keeps within the décolletage rather than overlapping with the neckline. Square and sweetheart necklines tend to make a statement on their own and it works well to allow them to do this without necklaces confusing the shape that they create.

Necklaces for deep V necklines

Avoiding things disappearing is the challenge here! Whilst a long necklace layered look can look fabulous with a deep V neckline, you won’t want to be embarrassed by the pendant on the chain disappearing down the V! We’d suggest creating a layered look with two or three necklaces and using the space above the V to create a real statement. Picking out a colour from your outfit in the necklace can work well and consider mixing different metals too – don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold as, with the right outfit colours, this can work well. Choose adjustable chains to give you the flexibility to wear the necklaces at lengths which work with the other pieces and with your deep V neckline. It works well for the top necklace in a layer to be a round shape and then build from there down. We like the lowest necklace to be a pendant so that it echoes the shape of the V.

What style of necklace should I to wear with a roll neck?

What necklace do I wear with a roll neck jumper?
What necklace do I wear with a roll neck jumper?

It can be difficult to know what style and length of necklace works with a roll neck. Generally speaking, longer is good here. Wearing a shorter necklace near the bulky roll of the polo neck fold can look messy and untidy. Give your jewellery space by choosing a longer piece. Enjoy creating a layered look that will have the effect of lengthening your overall look. If you don’t like wearing long necklaces then keep the necklaces mid-length.

If you’re wearing a chunky knit, go for a style of necklace which isn’t too delicate. It will get lost. It is best to pair both jewellery and jumper in terms of equal weight. However, you may well prefer to set necklaces aside if the knit is quite bulky and choose a pair of statement earrings instead. By wearing a pair of larger earrings the look is balanced. But if your polo neck is smooth and has a slimmer silhouette, you can embrace more delicate styles of necklace and achieve a smart stylish look.

What necklace to wear with a halter neckline?

We’d suggest that the best style necklace for a halter neckline is a choker. This will sit at the base of the neck and not interfere with the lines across the shoulder created by the halter neck top. Usually you’ll need to go for a choker with some substance or impact to it otherwise it will be unbalanced. Alternatively, one of our favourite looks with a halter neckline is to set aside your necklaces and select a pair of fabulous earrings. This allows the neckline of the top to stand alone, uncluttered and the earrings will draw the eye up to the top of the dress or top (where the interest is) and finish the look.

What necklace should I choose for a high neck top?

Like with the halterneck top, a pair of statement earrings works well here but the shape of the high neck top may also mean that a longer necklace looks fabulous. Check out this video for more ideas on how to style jewellery with a high neck top.

What length necklace should I buy?

What will the chain look like
Guide to different chain lengths

We’re all different! So for some people a 14″ or 35.5cm short necklace will be a perfect piece to wear at the base of the neck. This is sometimes called a collar. For others it will sit lower and for many it will simply be too small.

From our experience, those of a slim-ish build will find a 14″ or 35.5cm necklace is a good collar length.

For the majority of our clients, a 16″ or 41cm necklace will sit around the ‘nook’ of the neck, near the collarbone. If you like your necklace to sit lower choose 18″ or 46cm chain or enjoy a longer look at 56cm.

Gold Satellite Chain 45cm Gold Satellite Chain 56cm

Whilst we occasionally sell 80cm or 35.5″ chains we generally find that 60cm or 70cm chains give our clients the length they like for a longer piece. Given this huge variety, you can see why we are such fans of our adjustable length chains! Not sure what each length looks like, then check out our handy guide here which explains it!

Choosing necklaces for necklines is worth spending time doing. Getting it right makes all the difference to how your whole ‘look’ hangs together. If you’d like any more advice or to explore the range of necklaces we have to see what would work for you with your proposed outfit, get in touch. We have lots of ideas and can help you to choose what necklace to wear with what neckline. We’d love to help you to answer your styling question as well as any others!

Best wishes
Lou and Sal x