Our Sustainabilty and Environmental Goals

Sustainable and Environmental Goals


We constantly review these practices to improve our sustainability and minimise our impact upon the environment.


  • We use eco-friendly packaging. Our gift boxes are made from FSC recycled materials and are recyclable. We use non-toxic inks and the anti-tarnish pouches and bags are made from environmentally friendly fabric. They can be re-used to store the jewellery in permanently, giving longevity as well as being multipurpose. Our postal packaging is all sourced in the UK and is fully recyclable and also made from recycled materials.
  • We minimise our carbon footprint when travelling to shows and fairs. Whenever possible, we take the train to events and meetings and transport supplies around the world via sea rather than air.
  • We are constantly endeavouring to get better clarity from all of our global suppliers on the traceability and supply chain of the elements we buy.


  • We only work with global suppliers who we believe to have the highest standards of working conditions for their staff and work in partnership with the Responsible Jewellery Council who promote responsible practices and ethical standards.
  • When jewellery is not made by us, wherever possible, we inspect the premises and working conditions of those making our jewellery designs.
  • We regularly offer work experience opportunities to encourage young people in starting their careers and learning about business.


  • Since establishing Flutterby, we have supported numerous charities, international and local, by donating a percentage of our profits when exhibiting at charity events. Amongst others, we have supported CRUK, Wellbeing of Women, The British Red Cross, Treloar’s School which enables education for disabled young people, The Daisy Trust, and Maggie’s. We are also proud to donate jewellery to charity events as prizes.

Here is the way Flutterby plays its part in the important circular economy in the jewellery business:

Flutterby Jewellery Sustainability Goals