Confused about lengths of chains? Here’s our useful guide

What chain length looks best

We are often asked where different lengths of necklace chains will sit when worn so here you go!

Of course this is going vary a bit from person to person but hopefully this gives you a good idea and will shed some light on the different sizes help you when you’re shopping.

What chain length looks best
Chain lengths – a useful guide

So from the top in this photo

we have:
🌟40cm (just less than 16″),
🌟next is 46cm (18″),
🌟then 51cm (20″),
🌟4th down measures 60cm (just less than 24″)
🌟then 70cm (27.5″)
🌟and the longest here is 80cm (31.5″).

Hope that helps! 💕

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