Top Styling Tips from Annabel Champ @belsfashionedit

Bels Edit

Meet Annabel Champ….

Before Christmas we were lucky enough to work with Influencer and Smart Works supporter, Annabel Champ, @belsfashionedit, on creating an Exclusive Edit of some of her favourite pieces from our current Flutterby Jewellery collection.

As a 45 year old mum of two living a busy London life; Annabel juggles mum duties, running her hugely successful Instagram account @BelsFashionEdit  and also working with the incredible charity Smart Works

We sat down with her ahead of launching the Edit together, to talk about her jewellery memories, her inspirations and her take on the Edit and we thought that you’d enjoy hearing her story and some of her top styling tips…

Tell us about your transition from lawyer to fashion influencer?

Having qualified as an Employment lawyer in my early twenties, within two years I realised that my skills would be better used in recruitment so I then headed up a team for five years recruiting lawyers into law firms. I took a natural break after having my kids when I worked on the side in property management and as a Stella & Dot jewellery seller, which was my first dabble with fashion! I’ve always enjoyed clothes, my mum used to make her own and ours as kids, so I’ve been brought up in a family keen on fashion and making the best of how we look. Then one night three years ago a friend of mine suggested I set up an Instagram page. I have to say not much thought or planning went into it ! I’d had a drink or two and just thought why not ! It started off very much as a hobby and has increasingly become more time consuming and rewarding.

Bel's Edit

Annabel wearing a selection of our gold bracelets, the Pearl Halo Pendant layered with the Penny Link Necklace

How has your personal style developed or changed through your career?

Having worked in the City my week days were spent wearing suits, changing into comfy clothes once home and dressing up for nights out. Now I pretty much wear the same things during the week as at the weekends.


What are your biggest style principles?

Don’t dwell on the need to follow trends to the detriment of wearing things that actually suit your body shape. Try to find those prices you think will last years and then buy bits and pieces to make the look current. I’m trying more and more to buy things preloved and I’m very keen to rent more as this is definitely the way forward.


What was the best piece of style advice you’ve been given?

I had my colours done. I’d always known that bright colours and black and white weren’t really  for me but it was good to have it confirmed that I’m “Autumn” palette. Of course I still wear black but try to lighten around the face with cold jewellery and accessories.


Where do you look/who do you look to for inspiration when it comes to your style?

Definitely other Instagrammers. I also look at Pinterest, Sheer luxe and just people watching. I’m lucky enough to live in London so it’s great to just be out and about and see what others are wearing.


What is your go-to podcast?

Currently it’s ADDitude which is all about dealing with ADHD as my youngest has just been diagnosed so we are trying to navigate our way through that.


What is your most important or sentimental piece of jewellery?

My engagement ring of course !


What is your earliest memory of jewellery?

I can’t remember what age I was but I definitely remember playing dress up with my sister and trying on lots of clip on earrings from my mum ! Was so lovely to see my daughter doing the same thing a few years ago.


What are your go-to pieces of jewellery to complete an outfit?

Chunky bracelets and necklaces and smaller earrings. I’m not generally a dangling earring girl. If I do wear them then I keep other jewellery minimal.

Stacking earrings

Annabel wearing our Gold Double Stars stacked with our Vicky huggies

What’s next for you?

Oh gosh, that’s a good question! I find there aren’t enough hours in the day already. I would love to sort some space out at home so I actually have a room that I can use as a studio. That would make the job so much quicker and easier. I’m keen to continue working with smaller brands, especially those local to me but also maybe branch out into working with high end high street as to work with both would be ideal as I mix the two in my own style.


If you could gift one piece of Flutterby Jewellery from your Edit to someone special, what would it be, who would it be for and why?

I gave the Lulu gold link bracelet to my Mum. She loves chunky gold jewellery and this suits what she already has!

Gold Overlap and Ocean Rings

Annabel wearing our Lulu Gold Link Bracelet with the Fifi Bracelet, Ocean and Overlap rings


Let’s talk about the Edit:


What do you love about Flutterby Jewellery?

I was drawn to it because there’s a good mix of chunky and more delicate pieces, both gold and silver, so there’s something for everyone.


Why did you choose these 12 pieces for your edit?

I chose these 12 pieces simply because they are all items that I would wear myself styled with different clothes for different occasions. I always wear gold hence the all gold selection but many pierces are also available in silver.


A simple styling tip for each piece?

Rings – look good together rather than worn alone

Huggies – can be worn day or night with dresses or daytime wear. Stack with the star studs or wear alone

Lulu gold link bracelet – lovely worn alone but also good with a simple gold bangle and the Fifi link bracelet. Love to layer

Pearl halo necklace – lovely with a ditsy floral or leopard print blouse or dress or with a simple top and black blazer. Could layer with the Penny gold bracelet and necklace.


Which pieces from the edit will you be wearing this season?  What clothes and accessories will you be teaming them with?

I will be wearing the the Fifi Link necklace and bracelet and the Vicky huggies. They can all be worn day to night with dresses, round or v neck jumpers or blouses/ blazers and a simple tee.


Fifi Gold Link Necklace

Annabel wearing our Fifi Link Necklace and Vicky huggies

A huge thank you to Annabel for giving us this wonderful glimpse into her jewellery memories and style principles. It’s been a pleasure to work with her on the first curated Flutterby Edit.

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