How to wear an ear cuff

Stylish Ear Cuffs

If you want to add a bit of spice to your ‘ear party’ without having to have any more piercings then we have the answer!

Wearing an ear cuff adds a touch of stylish edginess to your look.

But you might be wondering about a few things before trying them out. We’re here to try to de-mystify the world of ear cuffs for you!

First: how to I put one one and where does it sit?

It’s really simple so don’t worry! Just slide the cuff opening round over the thinnest part of your ear – we find the cartilage at the top works best – and slide down into the spot where you want it to sit. Once you’ve hooked it round the cartilage you can twist it outwards first so it sits flat. If you want it to sit lower down, you might find that rolling it slightly inwards helps it to sit snugly in place.

Gold Criss Cross Ear Cuff

Where should it sit?

This varies depending on the look you’re after and the size and style of the cuff. Scroll down to find few examples of different ways you can style ear cuffs.

A simple small design can look great at the top of the ear. See here how the gold criss cross cuff here works well. This cuff could also be worn lower down but we’ve shown it here to help explain where it is easy to slide the cuff round and over the cartilage.

Which ear should I wear an ear cuff on?

There are no rules! It’s up to you!

Can I wear ear cuffs on both ears?

Ear cuffs look best worn on one ear rather than both. It’s a bit of an edgier look than matching pairs of earrings so embrace the asymmetry and stick with adorning one ear!


How to wear 3 ear cuffsCan I wear more than one ear cuff?

Absolutely! stacking ear cuffs looks super stylish. Just balance with what other earrings you’re wearing lower down so you don’t overcrowd things and then go for layering.

We’ve stacked different combinations of ear cuffs here to give you some inspiration. We’ve kept the thinner cuffs at the top of the ear and used thicker ones lower down.

The double row bobble ear cuff here is echoed by the single bobble cuff in the central position and the cubic zirconia cuff takes the central position. The delicate double gold star stud work well as the balance to this ear cuff stack.

Are ear cuffs uncomfortable?

They shouldn’t be! Sometimes you’re able to adjust the size of the opening by gently squeezing the ear cuff, but we find the best way to make sure nothing pinches is to wear the it in whichever place on the ear is most comfortable. You’re in control – you wear it where you like!

How to wear 3 ear cuffs

Nothing is fixed so enjoy creating your own look!

Here we’ve reversed the double bobble ear cuff to show the more decorated ‘gate’ design and placed it in the centre so the single bobble cuff sits neatly at the top of the ear. This is half the fun of wearing ear cuffs – no piercings so you can move things around and experiment! Check out our selection of gold and silver cuffs and start enjoying adding ear cuffs to your look!