Day And Night Earrings For Women On The Go!

Day and Night Earrings for Women on the go

What earrings can I wear during the day as well as going out?

Finding day and night earrings gets your jewellery to work hard for you. Versatile earrings are what you want so you can wear them in lots of different settings with so many different outfits! We love creating real variety in our earrings collections. There are lots of unusual earring designs which will take you effortlessly through the day and into the night so you won’t need to worry about changing your jewellery as you go from one thing to another. Ideal for the woman on the go who just needs one fewer thing to think about!

Earrings should always be stylish… the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, they should look good on the way into work and also fabulous on the way out of the door.

When choosing a pair of ‘desk to dinner earrings’ you’ll want to get the balance between dressy but not too dressy. Mixing semiprecious stones with silver or gold vermeil together will create a super stylish look.

Day and night earrings with interchangeable charms

If you like to be able to change things up then go for a pair of interchangeable huggie earrings. Choosing earrings with interchangeable charms is a great way to have a pair of day and night earrings.  These earrings have drops which slide on and off so you are able to wear just the huggie during the day then add (or change) the pair of drops to change it up for the evening. Our Kitty, Kiara and Ibiza buggies all offer this option and are all available in silver as well as gold vermeil.

All the huggie hoops in these earrings have some detailing which makes them more interesting than a plain small hoop for your day look but you can keep the charms in one of our jewellery pouches and slide them on when you freshen your make up before heading out. They will look like a totally different earring and leave you feeling ready to go without the hassle of taking a second pair with you at the start of the day.

What size of earrings should I wear for the day and night?

Choosing the right size of earrings is very personal. It depends on what size you’re comfortable with generally but also on the look that you want and what you’re doing that day. If you’re out and about and being very active you might want to avoid anything with a drop or that feels too large. There are some jobs where it isn’t possible to wear dangly earrings or anything too large. If you don’t want to wear statement earrings, why not go for a pair of huggies but ones that include beautiful decoration? You could also choose a pair of huggies with charm drops. The drops add enough interest to be dressy enough for the evening without being overpowering during the day. Alternatively wear a simple pair of huggies for work and slide on the charms for the evening.

You might be able to wear bigger earrings during the day. Our selection of contemporary hoop earrings which range from midi to maxi size look fabulous for day and night. These unusual hoop earrings are really versatile. You can pair them with a mix of different jewellery. The earrings might stay the same from day to night but as you go out you might choose to put on, or to add another, necklace and this will change your overall look.

Can pearls be day and night earrings?

Pearls were sometimes kept for during the day but refreshingly that old convention has long since been abandoned! Pearls are beautiful whenever they are worn. If you are searching for pearl earrings for day and night then check out our collection of pearl earrings. More exciting than a stud, these earrings are dressy enough to make you feel utterly fabulous as you head out after a busy day.

Flutterby earrings are all made with sterling silver and are gift-wrapped in a box. If you would like to see more details of any of the earrings we have available, then please get in touch. We would be delighted to create a personal product video for you with no obligation to buy.