Top Summer Jewellery Trends for 2023

Jewellery trends for Summer 23

When it comes to finding the top summer jewellery trends we’ve researched photos from the catwalks, magazines and editorial and picked out a few of the trends which you’ll see this year and which you can enjoy as you choose your perfect summer jewellery.

Pearls – one of the top summer jewellery trends!

Silver & Pearl Necklace Layering Set
Silver & Pearl Necklace Layering Set

Pearls still win big… and big pearls win too! In different finishes and styles, pearls feature a great deal in this year’s top summer jewellery line up.

You don’t have to use them in your entire outfit (although we loved how Lizzo did at this year’s Met Gala) to get with this trend. Pearls have been in vogue for the past few years and this year its really more is more and bigger is best. The focus on pearls is probably one of the most accessible trends in this season’s line up because if you’re a silver jewellery lover then you can mix them with silver and if you’re happier in gold then you can, of course, do that. Pearls are great jewellery for summer – with either gold or silver!

Whatever the size of pearl you’ll be able to love the irregularity and quirkiness freshwater pearls can bring rather than the more manufactured look of shell pearls. Each one is slightly different – and you can emphasise this in your styling by wearing earrings as individual pieces. Marie Claire magazine reported single large pearl earrings featuring in the Givenchy Spring/Summer show – a look that you can easily enjoy yourself.

We love styling pearl jewellery with other pearl pieces of mixing it up by layering pearl necklaces with plain chain pieces so that the pearls can be part of the look. Adding a pearl bracelet to your favourite bracelet stack adds a fresh look for summer. When sourcing our pearl jewellery, we look for pearls with good lustre and often unusual shapes – no two pearls are identical and this just adds to their charm and the gorgeous natural look.

Personalised Jewellery

Gold Initial Necklace
Our Bestselling Gold Initial Necklace

The massive surge in the popularity of alphabet jewellery seems here to stay for summer 2023. Here the choice and style is yours but whatever style you go for, wearing an initial necklace is very much one of the top summer jewellery trends.

Choose from silver or gold or mix it up by introducing a pop of colour – once again, this is a trend that is easy to wear and incorporate in your everyday Spring/Summer look. Wearing a delicate initial or alphabet charm necklace is perfect summer jewellery – whether you’re heading to the beach or site seeing on your holiday, its a simple necklace with a lot of style. An every day staple which you’ll wear and wear!

An initial necklace looks great in any neckline and can also be the base of a layering combination. Why not think about giving an initial necklace as a gift this season? It’s such a great feeling to give a present which you know is bang on current trends!

These bestselling Gold Initial Necklaces are made of gold vermeil and strung on a 46cm satellite chain but of course we can add semiprecious gems to add a burst of colour and you can change the length of chain.

Flower Jewellery

The flower print trend has crept into the jewellery scene. Many designers have featured floral shapes and pieces in their jewellery collections for SS23. Sometimes broadening into other nature-themed shapes, flowers are either a trend you’ll long to embrace or perhaps something you’ll view as more transitory or dominant than you like in your style. If flower themed jewellery isn’t for you, you can still be part of the trend by adorning bags or outfits with 3D flower decorations!

Silver Jewellery

Let’s hear it for silver! Catwalk reporters were keen to draw our attention to the increase focus on silver jewellery! Yay is what we say! Maybe part of the current trend to explore grey and silver hair highlights, silver jewellery always brings shine and standout beauty to any jewellery collection. Having been slightly sidelined for a few years, it’s great to see silver making a strong comeback.

Moving Rings

Spinning… Fidget… Moving… whatever you call them, their movement and freedom just shouts ‘Summer’! Add some movement to your ring jewellery collection for summer 2023 and you’ll be right on trend! Made of sterling silver, our spinning rings are decorated with either a turquoise coloured stone (the stone is called howlite or stabilised turquoise) or peridot which is a beautiful olive green colour. So if you’re someone who loves fiddling with jewellery and rings, then this is a jewellery trend for summer 2023 you’ll want to be part of!