How to layer necklaces

How to layer necklaces with style

How to layer necklaces

As we head into spring its the time to ditch the scarves and high neck knits of winter and unwrap our necks! Let’s show off some gorgeous necklaces ladies!  

But then we’re left to wonder how many is too many…. how can I wear all my favourites?… how do I mix them? … or even should I mix them?

How to layer necklaces to create an on trend look can be a little perplexing.  You don’t want to go OTT (or at least if you’re going to go OTT then how to do it and pull off the look).  But you don’t need to worry, a well created… or well curated stack of necklaces looks seriously stylish and is a great look.

There are a few basic style guides we tend to follow:

  1. Use the gaps.  What we mean is if you’re going to layer then create layers!  Don’t end up with a mad mess of multiple necklaces all sitting virtually on top of each other.  Yes, it can create a statement but it can also leave you in a tangle and chaotic.  No-one wants #neckmess!


  1. Create a balance.  Choosing one piece with a focal point such as a coin or pendant or stone charm can really work in balancing your layered collection well.  This is often the longest of the necklaces but it can also work as the shortest piece.  

how do I layer necklaces

  1. Keep on counting… 2? 3? 4? Different stylists have different rules.  And so perhaps the best rule is there isn’t a rule!  We like the look of a combination of 2 or 3 necklaces and think that, generally speaking, 2 or 3 is good.  If you’re going for 3 then make the shortest a choker so that you can ‘use the gap’ to make the layer work.

how to layer necklaces

  1. Mixing it up?  We think that the days of being able to wear one coloured metal at a time are long gone.  We love designing and making pieces which blend silver, yellow and rose golds in different combinations.  Don’t be afraid to blend two colours together.  Having said that if you are also mixing different coloured gems or pearls and mixing different metals then watch out you don’t create a confused look. Go for one variation rather than lots and the look will hang together and have balance.  The blend of combinations you’re able to wear will also depend of course on the outfit that you’re pairing it with.
  1. Loving being adjustable!  If you after maximum flexibility with your jewellery you’ll probably already have  necklaces of different lengths in your collection.  We love our new adjustable sterling silver chains – we also offer them in gold vermeil.  You simply slide the little ball up and down to change the length of the chain.  What could be an easier way to give yourself options of how to layer necklaces?

how do I layer necklaces