How To Layer Necklaces

Hot to Layer Necklaces Hack

How to layer necklaces hack

Helena Silver and Pearl Necklace
Helena Silver and Pearl Necklace

Customers ask us so many times for advice as to how to layer necklaces and get them to look right.

How to layer necklaces to create an ‘on trend’ look can be perplexing. But you don’t need to worry, a well created, or well curated, stack of necklaces looks seriously stylish and is a great look.

We are excited to share with you some of our styling guidelines so you’ll be able to layer two necklaces – or more – and get a stylish and contemporary vibe which works for you!

Some styling guidelines when layering necklaces

There are a few basic style guides we tend to follow:

🌟 Use the gaps. If you’re going to layer then create layers! Don’t end up with a mess of multiple necklaces all sitting on top of each other. You won’t be able to see each piece and although yes, it can create a statement, it can also leave you in a tangle and looking messy. No-one wants #neckmess!

Gold T bar stacked with Roman Numeral and Zoe
Gold T bar stacked with Roman Numeral and Zoe

🌟 We like to start with a shorter piece which ‘opens’ the space below and creates a canvas for you to create a layered collection below. By having a top piece, relatively short, the collection of necklaces is nicely framed and balanced.

🌟 Think about the neckline you’re wearing. If you’re layering with a roll neck then don’t make the top piece too close to any edge of the neckline as it will look muddled onto of the material. Wear it slightly lower down and it will sit better and also not get ‘lost’ in fabric. if you’re wearing the necklace with an open neckline then you can wear the top piece at a shorter length.

🌟 Create a balance. Choosing one piece with a focal point such as a coin or pendant or stone charm can really work in balancing your layered collection well. This is often the longest of the necklaces but it can also work as the shortest piece

Can I wear more than 2 necklaces together? How many necklaces should I layer at the same time? How many necklaces should I layer together?

Two necklaces together can look stunning but we also love a layer of 3 necklaces together! If they are all balanced and work together its a fantastic way to finish an outfit.

Can you keep on counting… 4? more?

Different stylists have different rules. And so perhaps the best rule is there isn’t a rule.

Think about the neckline of the outfit that you’re wearing, the combination of the necklaces that you’d like to put together and ask yourself is more really ‘more’ or does it detract from the look you’ve created with perhaps one fewer piece?

Does adding the 4th necklace make it more fabulous and elevate it or does it detract from a super stylish layer of 3 together. Keep the guidelines we’ve shared above in mind when you look!

Can I layer different coloured necklaces together? Can I wear silver and gold necklaces together?

Mixing it up? We think that the days of being able to wear one coloured metal at a time are long gone. We love designing and making pieces which blend silver, yellow and rose golds in different combinations. Don’t be afraid to blend two colours together. But if you are also mixing different coloured gems or pearls and mixing different metals then watch out you don’t create a confused look.

Go for one variation rather than lots and the look will hang together and have balance. The blend of combinations you’re able to wear will also depend of course on the outfit that you’re pairing it with.

How do I get necklaces to sit where I want them to? How do I change the length of a necklace?

We love adjustable chains!

Aqua Chalcedony Kyla Necklace
Aqua Chalcedony Kyla Necklace

It makes necklaces so versatile being adjustable! If you after maximum flexibility with your jewellery you’ll probably already have necklaces of different lengths in your collection. We love our new adjustable sterling silver chains – we also offer them in gold vermeil. You simply slide the little ball up and down to change the length of the chain. Inside the ball is a clever little widget that holds the chain in place at the length you want. Wear it short or longer, its up to you! What could be an easier way to give yourself options of how to layer necklaces?

By using the lovely gold adjustable chain on this Kyla Necklace we can get the charm to sit in the lower part of the neckline instead of it being fixed at a shorter length. This combination shows how easy it can be to layer gold necklaces together when you get the right balance of pieces and can adjust their length!

If you can’t find an adjustable chain to work with your favourite necklace then look out for pieces which have multiple fastening points.

How to stop necklaces from tangling when layering

Here are two tips for you to know how to layer necklaces without tangling:

🌟 If you’re wearing two necklaces, try fastening the clasp of one necklace to the closure ring of the other and then doing the same with the other piece. By crossing them over at the back the chance of them tangling up is reduced.

🌟 You can also try putting the shorter piece on your neck first and then threading one end of the other necklace (or necklaces) you’re layering them with under the chain that is already on your neck. Do this on just one side and then fasten as normal. You can do this option when you’re layering more than one piece.

These two jewellery hacks are brilliant at helping stop layering necklaces getting tangled up when you’re wearing them!

Can I buy necklaces to wear together in a layering set?

Yes! We have a selection of ready to go layering necklaces. Check out our selection of carefully curated layering sets.

If you’d like a different combination just get in touch with us through our website and we can create a bespoke combination of layering necklaces just for you!