Top Style Tips from @loveanewfrock


We caught up with Instagram influencer Sian, from @loveanewfrock, and she kindly shared with us some of her top style tips as well as a little bit of her story.  Here’s a flavour of our conversation.

Hi Sian, we know our readers would love to hear about what led you to start your journey in fashion and style and to start @Loveanewfrock?

💃🏼I’ve always had a passion for fashion and style.@loveanewfrock started off as a bit of a personal challenge. I’m not an overly confident person so doing daily posts was a scary and brave move! The name was inspired by my sister and best friend. We’ve always loved a new frock! 

How has your personal style developed or changed through your career? What are your biggest style principles?

💃🏼My personal style has changed over time as I realise it’s more about its more about style and less about the latest trend.  

💃🏼Sometimes the best frock for that special occasion is something that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for years! I’m much more aware of sustainable fashion these days so there’s nothing better than a preloved gem. 

💃🏼My biggest style principle is to wear what makes you happy. Don’t be scared of expressing your own individuality 

💃🏼The best style advice is to not let your age define you. 

Where do you look for inspiration? Who do you look to for inspiration when it comes to your style?

💃🏼My inspiration comes from many different places. Growing up I loved old school Hollywood films and glamour. So I guess those images still influence me today. In more recent years I’ve been wowed by so many insta ladies and their own individuality. I follow many amazing accounts.

I love Holly Willoughby’s style and I’m definitely inspired by strong and independent ladies. The beautiful Dame Deborah’s story has been the most inspiring of recent times. What a lady she was…and always so glamorous too ❤️

Which piece of Flutterby Jewellery would you give to your bestie?

Circle of Life Necklace

💃🏼The piece of jewellery I would choose to buy for my friend (tricky decision!) would be this Circle of life cubic zirconia silver necklace. 

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