Bee & Butterfly Jewellery

Bee Jewellery

Bee and Butterfly jewellery – whether in necklaces or earrings – is extremely popular. Our clients LOVE our bee and butterfly collection, whether they choose it for themselves or as a gift. Here are a few thoughts as to why…

Bees are part of our ancient history. They are thought to have originated in the Far East. One has been discovered enclosed in amber – it may be as old as 100million years! Bees are often thought to be a symbol of fertility, birth, rebirth and wisdom … as well, of course, as industry. We can all think of ‘busy bee’s and watching them working hard!

Butterflies are often used to symbolise transformation and their beauty has enchanted us for centuries. Butterflies are thought to date from at least 40-50 million years ago according to fossils but it maybe that they are even older.  There are studies of local butterfly populations to record current populations in order to aid the conservation movement for these mesmerising insects whose beauty both in terms of movement and appearance is mesmerising!Gold Bee Pendant worn with Cara Gold Cube Bracelet

Wearing bee and butterfly jewellery brings these symbols to your outfit and your own style.  They are lovely pieces to wear because of the natural inspiration and elegance of these icons . Their actual appearance lend themselves to being pretty shapes to include in jewellery.






Flutterby Jewellery’s Bee and Butterfly Jewellery
Honey Bee pendant necklaceOur Honey Bee Pendant Necklace has a very elegant honey bee charm.  It’s not big and dominant but instead it is pretty and delicate.  Strung on an adjustable gold chain, it makes a perfect layering necklace as you can alter the length of the necklace and therefore the place where the charm sits on your neck.



Gold Honey Bee Pendant

Our Honey Bee Pendant Necklace makes a great layering necklace on its adjustable chain

If you’d like the same honey bee charm with a flash of Beatrice Aqua Charm Necklacecolour then our Beatrice necklace includes the bee with two other charms. Choose the semiprecious stone from the different colours available.

Bees look lovely and very stylish as earrings!  We have pretty stud and huggie earrings made using pretty bee charms.  Available in sterling silver and gold plated silver.  Wear them together, mixed up the sets or enjoy them worn solo.

Silver Bee Huggie Earrings

Our sterling butterfly silver mini studs make perfect earrings for those just starting out wearing earrings or for second and third piercings. The angled shape of the butterfly wings catches the light and makes them more unusual than a flat design.


Gold Bee Stud Earrings

Bee and Butterfly jewellery always makes a beautiful gift. All Flutterby jewellery is beautifully packaged with the option of free gift wrapping to ensure that your gorgeous present is ready for you to give.