Silver Moonstone October Birthstone Earrings


This range of birthstone earrings online is one of our bestselling earring styles. Customers love choosing these for gifts. The sterling silver hoop is delicately adorned with a beautiful stone drop.

These birthstone earrings are moonstone which is the birthstone for October. Moonstone is a very popular semiprecious stone. It is opaque with just a hint of colour so it tones beautifully with different colours in your wardrobe. Birthstone jewellery is a very popular gift; its such a thoughtful personal present and in our experience is always received with that in mind so if you are looking for a gift for someone with a birthday at that time of year then you should consider these October Birthstone Earrings as a great option. You can also choose or free gift wrapping service. Whilst you are able to choose these according to birthstones we wouldn’t want you to feel you had to. In fact neither of us have chosen our birthstone colours!

The drops are interchangeable and although we are not currently selling separate drops online, if you are interested please just email us.

Moonstone was associated with the luna gods by both Romans and Greeks. It is a semiprecious stone with a rich history and myriad of beliefs, for example some people believe it symbolises inner wisdom, new beginnings and feminine intuition.  The stones vary from piece to piece and perhaps it is this unique nature that has created an air of fascination and mysticism which has lasted for centuries.

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October Birthstone Earrings feature:

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