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Teenage Jewellery

We all know how difficult finding the right jewellery for teenage girls can be!  Searching for a perfect present for a teenager can quite daunting! Will they like it? Will they wear it and, crucially, is it cool enough…? whilst still being a present that I’d actually like to give! Free delivery on all orders over £75. Read More

We find that teenage girls often love to stack up the jewellery. Therefore many of our pieces are designed so that they can be layered and worn together.  Ear Cuffs, stud earrings and huggie earrings which can be worn in piercings higher up the ear are included in our range.  You’ll find that some studs and huggies are described as suitable for wearing in seconds and thirds and are small so work well here.  You’ll also be able to choose sterling silver stud earrings which are perfect for those teenagers who have just recently had their ears pierced or who need earrings that can be worn to school.  They don’t just want boring ones but schools tend to have rules on what you can and cannot wear!

Cuffs & Pullthroughs

Rainbow Stone Ear Cuff