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Teenage Jewellery

We all know how difficult finding that perfect present for a teenager can be! Will they like it? Will they wear it and, crucially, is it cool enough…? whilst still being a present that I’d actually like to give!

Don’t worry! Here is our hand chosen, individually sourced and in some cases personally designed and made carefully selected range of teenage jewellery this year. How can we be so confident?  Well we’ve spent many years at shows helping clients choose affordable, quality jewellery for their teens and then we’ve loved how the positive feedback has come back to us. Oh yes…. and we regularly run our selection of designs past some super-hard to please teens. If it gets their thumbs up its here…. and if it doesn’t it isn’t! Any questions at all then just email us or pick up the phone and we’d love to help.

Cuffs & Pullthroughs

Rainbow Stone Ear Cuff