Gold Square Hoop Earrings


These super on trend polished gold square hoop earrings are worn on the diagonal in a diamond shape for a more original look. Made of 925 silver with gold plating, these gold square hoops are an original hoop earring shape whist also being very much on trend!

These square hoops look great worn everyday either on their own or alongside other earrings in a stack as shown in our photo. The length of the earring, measured how it sits in the ear on the diagonal, is 3.8cm.

Wearing a larger hoop in the first piercing gives a great balance to any other earrings you might wear in a stacked combination in other piercings. However, if you are after unusual shaped hoop earrings to wear solo, then these Gold Square Hoop Earrings are fabulous!

These gold square hoops feature:

  • 925 sterling silver with gold plating
  • Drop length 3.8mm
  • Smart packaging
  • Option of free giftwrapping
  • Suitable for wide age range – from 13 to 83!

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