What’s in a name?

Those of you who are regular Flutterby customers might have noticed that many of our pieces, whether it be a long necklace, bracelet or earrings, have names…. we have a Beatrice, Francesca, Keely, Jessica, Sophia.

Why? How do we choose? Well, to be honest sometimes jewellery pieces are named after someone who buys the first one. We love selling our jewellery online of course (especially with our new fabulous website!) but ever since we started Flutterby in 2004, selling directly to customers and helping them to select jewellery either for themselves or for gifts is something that we have both always loved. It is such a fantastic feeling to see someone select a piece which really suits them in terms of colour and style… it sounds silly but it gives us a real buzz.

Consequently, much of the selling process is very personal and so we really enjoy naming a style after someone in particular. We plan to run some online competitions to see if any of you would like to have a piece named after you … so watch this space and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest competitions!