Our New Collection

We are often asked how we design the jewellery that we make; what our inspiration is and whether both, or just one, of us design and make. People would be amazed at how many times we will both independently be working on something and then share our ideas only to find that we have come up with a virtually identical piece!

Because we are sisters-in-law, the time we spend working and also enjoying looking after our children whilst they have ‘cousin time’ is often blurred! We can be creative whenever and wherever! One recent beautiful sunny spring day saw us happily designing jewellery whilst on the beach in Sussex! Leaving the long jump and cricket games behind we couldn’t wait to get home and put pens to paper… or rather pliers to wire!

Don’t forget that we make many bespoke and unique pieces, which, due to their limited number, we are not able to put for sale on our website. If we can help design that perfect piece for that special outfit then just contact us and we’d be delighted to help.