How To Clean Silver Jewellery

Wonder how best to clean silver jewellery?

How to clean silver jewellery
How to clean silver jewellery

Silver jewellery tarnishes and starts to look dull and worn. But how do you clean silver jewellery? Here’s our top hack for keeping your silver jewellery shiny! You can use this on sterling silver but don’t use this method to clean silver plated jewellery or jewellery with stones.

It’s super easy… all you need is foil, a Pyrex bowl, tongs, bicarbonate of soda, hot water and some paper towel.

Step 1

Line a heatproof (Pyrex) bowl or jug with tin foil, making sure the shiny side is facing up.

Step 2

Pour a large tablespoon (approx) of bicarbonate of soda into the bowl.  The exact measurement of water and bicarb will depend on the size of bowl you’re using and the amount of silver you want to clean.

Pour in some recently boiled water – the will cause fizzing and bubbling in the bowl so take care.  Stand back while you add the hot water in case the fizzing liquid splashes upwards.

Use tongs to place dirty silver jewellery into the bowl
Use tongs to place dirty silver jewellery into the bowl

Step 3

Drop your silver jewellery into the very hot water using tongs. Leave it for a few minutes to work its magic! Take the jewellery out of the bowl using the tongs.

If you don’t think it’s clean enough then pop it back in for a minute longer.  For very dirty jewellery you may need to repeat this stage.

Step 4

Blot the jewellery on some kitchen paper and then rinse it in cold water to get rid of the bicarbonate of soda residue, take care as it might still be hot.

Gently pat it dry with kitchen paper. You can polish with a silver polishing cloth to get a final shine!  You’ll find that your silver jewellery is no longer looking tarnished!  This is a great way to clean silver jewellery!

Rinse and blot your jewellery dry
Rinse and blot your jewellery dry