Events, emails and offers…

We have all been inundated with emails recently haven’t we? GDPR is now well known and we have updated both our privacy policy and email communication information to reflect the introduction of this legislation.

We never have pestered those on our mailing list and this won’t change. We get in contact when we have something interesting to say – or rather something we feel that those on our list will find interesting and useful. We offer discounts, new product offers and free tickets to shows such as Spirit of Christmas.

Should you wish to keep in touch and become a Flutterby Friend all you need to do is click the ‘keep in touch’ link and complete the details. You’ll always have the chance to unsubscribe on every email from us and we’ll never sell your details to any other company for marketing purposes. Have a look at our Privacy Policy for all the info.

We hope that our clients who are on our list will enjoy hearing about events, and offers…. they’ll be the first to hear.