A glimpse behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how all those amazing stands at big Christmas gift show are made? The stands last week at Spirit of Christmas looked fabulous! The Grand Hall at Olympia was turned into a beautiful collection of boutiques where many thousands of shoppers came to do their shopping and enjoy a wonderful day.

As I am sure you’ll appreciate, these stands take many days and hours to create. Speaking for ourselves at Flutterby, there was an enormous amount of planning involved to make our stand look a little different this year but still allow us to display our jewellery to our customers. Lots of graph paper, MDF and paint charts! Not forgetting the marshmallows, ever-handy staple gun and incredible DIY expert we had to help us.

Yesterday, once the last visitor had left, breakdown began and Olympia sprang into action of a different kind, with a sea of exhibitors dismantling their carefully-constructed stands, pilling everything into vans and trying to get home through the traffic. Perhaps it is the less glamorous side to designing and selling jewellery!

A busy week, and a happy week with some fabulous neighbouring exhibitors with whom to we had a laugh and now it is onto the next show…… Musn’t forget the marshmallows and the tree!