Silver Angel Wing Charm Hoop Earrings


These stunning Silver Angel Wing Charm Hoop Earrings are really fun to wear.

Mix and match how you wear the charms

The charms are interchangeable.  Simply slide off the teardrop labradorite semi-precious stone drop to enjoy wearing the sterling silver hoop with the sterling silver angel wing drop, alternatively do the reverse and enjoy the delicate labradorite stone without the wing.  You can of course love wearing both together as shown here or find that the large sterling silver polished hoops are the look that you want for that day.  4 different looks in one pair of earrings!

Choose your own charms!

You’re also able to choose different charms from the Silver Coin Charm Hoop Earrings.  If you’d rather the angel wing with the aqua chalcedony stone drop, or the silver coin with the labradorite then just make your selection from the menu below and we’ll create your own personal pair of earrings!

We’ve chosen the charms to work well together.  We love labradorite and here it works brilliantly alongside the angel win design charm.  You’ll see greens, greys, blues and even purples from these faceted little teardrop labradorite charms.  They are all slightly different and gorgeous.  But we hope you’ll enjoy making your own personal selection from the list of charms.

Our own design, charm combinations on hoops are always really popular, particularly with teens and those in their 20s.  The hoops are 4cm in diameter.  They are substantial enough, and are in no way flimsy, but equally aren’t heavy or cumbersome so they are lovely to wear,

  • 925 silver hoops – 4cm diameter
  • No base metal included
  • Labradorite faceted teardrop charm
  • 925 silver angel wing charm
  • Beautifully gift-wrapped



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