Interchangeable drops for Annabel earrings


Interchangeable drops for Annabel earrings: once you have bought your Annabel earrings you might wish to buy additional sets of drops to give you loads of options of changing the colour of the drops to wear with the stud.

Select the coloured drop from the menu below.  These may well fit onto other studs that you already own.

  • Selection of different coloured quartz interchangeable drops.  Choose from:
    • Blue Topaz quartz (palest blue)
    • Green Chalcedony quartz (strong green)
    • Blue Chalcedony quartz (sea green colour)
    • Lemon Quartz (warm yellow tint)
  • 925 silver
  • Please note, by ordering from this page you’ll only receive the drops. If you would like to buy the full set with the stud earring then please visit the Annabel Earring set page

Like all Flutterby jewellery, these Annabel drops will arrive with you gift wrapped in a box.




You might like to select from our pre-printed messages for insert inside the box – or leave blank if you wish

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