What necklace do I wear with a round neck jumper?

What necklace goes with round neck jumper?

What necklace do I wear with a round neck jumper? We love helping our clients choosing the right necklace for the right neckline to show off both their outfits and their jewellery to its best.

The general rule of thumb here is to go for a length of necklace which either sits above the neckline by about 4cms or so or sits well below.

This way you can show off the necklace and it can also echo the shape of the neckline. Nothing will ‘disappear’ and the overall effect will be stylish and you’ll have a look which has been thoughtfully created. You don’t want to have your necklace getting lost behind or tucked inside the round neckline of your jumper or teeshirt!

Layering works

You can also look to create a layer of shorter pieces.

Don’t be afraid to wear a couple of shorter pieces together. If they are going to be worn quite close together then its best to stick with the same shape of necklace. Save combining a ’round-shaped’ necklace with a pendant for a neckline where you have more space for the pieces to sit well together. Look out for necklaces which have a variety of different fastening points. This lets you alter their length depending on if you want to layer with other necklaces. Different fastening points give you great flexibility to wear the necklace with different necklines in your wardrobe.

Choosing the right length chain for your neckline

Pendants can also work really well. Make sure that the length of chain you have allows the pendant itself to sit well below the jumper so that it doesn’t get tucked inside the knit! Once again, you can also create a layer here and wear a long necklace over the jumper. Longer necklaces have the effect of lengthening your whole look. They can also break up a block of colour if that’s the look you like. We sell adjustable long chains which allow you to shorten and lengthen your necklace. This is great as what is the right length for one of us might be too long or short for someone else!

How do I choose the right necklace for a scooped neckline?

You’ll have more space to mix shapes of necklaces with a scooped neckline.

Try wearing a short choker or collar style necklace with a longer piece giving each room to ‘breathe’. This works particularly well with a plain coloured top and can create real interest. The trick is to get two pieces which work well together. You don’t have to be limited by colour and metal, as mixing can really work, but don’t choose two statement pieces that with both fight to be the hero.

What necklace do I wear with a roll neck?

Long is good here.

We recommend giving space between the end of the rollneck and the necklace. If a long necklace hangs too low it can get in the way or even get caught up! However, you should avoid choosing anything too short. Wearing a long piece can also elongate your neckline for a flattering look.

What necklace do I wear with a roll neck jumper?

What length necklace should I buy?

We’re all different! So for some people a 14″ or 35.5cm short necklace, sometimes called a collar, will be a perfect piece to wear at the base of the neck. For others it will sit lower and for many it will simply be too small. From our experience, those of a slim-ish build will find a 14″ or 35.5cm necklace is a good collar length. For the majority of our clients a 16″ or 41cm necklace will sit around the ‘nook’ of the neck, near the collarbone. If you like your necklace to sit lower choose 18″ or 46cm chain. Whilst we occasionally sell 80cm or 35.5″ chains we generally find that 60cm or 70cm chains give our clients the length they like for a longer piece. Given this huge variety, you can see why we are such fans of our adjustable length chains! Not sure what each length looks like, then check out our handy guide here which explains it!

If you’d like any more advice or explore the different to wear with round necks that we have available, get in touch. We’d love to help you to answer your styling question as well as any others!