Desk to Dinner Jewellery

It is that time of year when we all want to escape from our desks and meet up with friends for dinner and an evening out. So what to wear?

We all need jewellery that will take us smoothly from one part of our day to another without a big outfit change! Our Lexi Link Earrings and Hoopla Silver Necklace are gorgeous. They look fabulous together without being too much of a ‘perfect match’ so they are interesting and unusual … but still a beautiful combination.

The earrings are made with three loops made with sterling silver and rose gold; the metal has been worked to create a stunning effect as the light catches the earrings. They have a stud fixing so ideal for those who prefer that rather than an earring hook.

The Hoopla silver necklace is one of our favourite long silver necklaces. It hangs at a perfect length we think, making it easy to wear with a number of different necklines. The delicate mix of the fine chain and simple silver rings is really special. I love the earrings and necklace worn together with this stunning orange.. perfect for a summer’s evening.