Earrings to Zoom in!

Lexi Silver & Rose Link Earrings

Whether you spend time on Zoom just a few times a week catching up with friends and family or you spend a solid 8 hours a day plus on video calls for your work, you’ll have no doubt considered how you can look your best both when seen in a 4 inch square on ‘gallery view’ or a full screen projection. There has been much made of the use of ring-lights, of the importance of natural lighting, of the consideration of your backdrop (do we like the books, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge or shall we just opt for a plain colour?).  So as we enter the 10th month of these restrictions it’s about time we talked about what jewellery looks best.  What to wear and when to wear it!

If you’re video conferencing for work then you’ll have found a look that works for you I’ll bet. Are you using headphones? If so then a pair of long earrings may get in the way.  Technology can be tricky enough without tangling your ‘ears’ wireless or not up in a pair of long beaded earrings.  

So what works on Zoom?

You’ll probably find that a more simple stud earring is more practicable.  But what I love about wearing earrings is that it really does finish a look so too small and no one will see.  “I know I may be wearing my trackies below my smart work top but at least I put on my make up, made an effort and here I am ready to work… bring it on!”  So you might want a drop earring that frames your face but is super secure. Check out our drop earrings with a stud closure like our Coralie earrings, our Duet earrings or our pearl drop earrings which we supply with little plastic butterflies to add security and prevent them flicking out.  These all will give you the finishing touch to a work outfit without being dominant or getting in the way.

But it’s nearly time to ‘virtually’ party…

However…. December is almost upon us and I really hope you get to have bubbles in your bubbles and have a great party but obviously things are different. (We all a little bored of that phrase… so apologies)  In my house we are already planning the series of Zoom drinkies with various groups of mates and family as the best way we can of getting together. So if it is quizzing or dancing or drinking or all three we still need to make an effort and dress up don’t we? 

The Wealden Times featured our jewellery this month, picking out some of our fabulous earrings for their Twinkle Twinkle editorial. Lucy Fleming, the editor, is absolutely right when she talked about the jewellery being ‘spot on in the sparkle stakes’. Connecting with those we miss right now is super important and adding a bit pizzazz and glam to those virtual get togethers is really important. 

You’ll need earrings that stand out, sparkles and gets you in the mood to have fun. Check out our Lexi Link Earrings available in silver, silver and rose and rose and silver. And our 3D Silver Circle Earrings will definitely be noticed by those on the other end of the video call! So let’s get rid of the PJs, put on the heels (yes, I don’t think my feet will know what has hit them either!) get dressed up and have a laugh…. And look and feel TOTALLY fantastic!

Have a good one! x